1.YGK 赛事定制装 蓝色 150m 8编 路亚PE,

YGK customized Blue 150m 8 Strands Braid Lure PE


YGK lure fishing line is the world’s thinnest fishing line! Using WX group method to braid and processed with GP make it great flexibility and high operability. Durability increases much and can stand high strength.

优点/ Benefits:

1强拉力、耐磨损Tensile and good abrasion resistance

2 切水性快,捕捉讯号灵敏 Faster cutting water and sensitive signal capturing

3 YGK专有升级WX技术(风阻小、柔顺性好、更适合远投)Exclusive YGK upgraded WX technique (low wind drag, good flexibility, far casting distance )

4 高品质PE线(密度与拉力性能优异) High-quality PE material (density and tension are much higher than normal line)

5标准线号、不涨号 Standard line size

6牢固、耐磨损、不易断丝 Good durability, and no worry about fraying and break-offs

2.职业者 透明 100m 碳氟子线

Nosuly Clear 100m Fluoro


Whether you are fishing freshwater or saltwater, you can count on Nosuly fluorocarbon line. It is UV resistant, erosion resistant, and much less visible underwater. It is attractive in price and quality!


Fast winding design! Do not need to open the box; you can pull out the line directly. It is easier to handle even for one person. Everything is designed for anglers!